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This is Our Story...

Cydak is a specialized marketing agency for Engineers and Surveyors that prioritizes transparency and sustainability.

We are a Result-Driven company that strives to make technology and innovative marketing strategies an asset of industrial businesses.

Cydak is a specialized marketing agency for Engineers and Surveyors that prioritizes transparency and sustainability.

We are a Result-Driven company that strives to make technology and innovative marketing strategies an asset of industrial businesses.

How It All Started

Cydak all started when co-founder, Emily Perkins, felt the pressures of scoring an internship with a large engineering firm. Interning at a small firm was not nearly as reputable- reputation goes a long way in the industry. On her downtime between classes like structural analysis and concrete and steel design, she gathered some information and realized that the opportunity for smaller engineering firms' growth was disproportionate, across the board. Her junior year, Juliann Carter, Co-Founder of Cydak, and Emily investigated more and realized not only the disproportinality, but small firm's liklihood of sucess was stagnant compared to larger firms. Larger firms nearly dominate most given areas, and solving this issue would be challenging because of the community's very close-knit and exclusive environment.

With exclusivity comes exclusive forms of marketing-word-of-mouth. After years worth of research and talking with hundreds of engineering firms, the women realized this form of marketing only sustains larger firms and drives the small firms out. This only limits the success and sustainability of small engineering firms and businesses alike.

Together, the two women are hooked on supporting small engineering firms to have confidence in a highly competitive industry and exclusive community.

Emily and Juliann believe that the solution is effective online marketing strategies. We strive to create online assets for small engineering firms. As more business to client interactions transition into the digital realm, we believe this will be a necessary tool for engineers.

In 2020 the effects of Covid-19 only amplified the demand for remote business interactions, which is a pillar in the engineering community that is virtually nonexistent, especially for small firms. This past year enhanced the gap for small firms to grow and opportunity became more scarce.

Together, Emily and Juliann strive to support entrepreneurial engineers by empowering them to start an engineering firm with confidence of success.


Engineering Customer Satisfaction

At Cydak Technological Enterprise our mission is simple Engineer Customer Satisfaction. We strive to help small engineering firms and businesses alike achieve revenue goals and succeed in the competitive engineering industry. We are obsessed with seeing businesses we partner with crush milestones and being a pivotal part in that. Engineers are slow to embrace digital marketing, but we can change that! We've seen what it can do for engineering businesses involved.

Marketing is not about paying for expensive advertisements or growing irrelevant web traffic...

it is about engineering customer satisfaction.

Let's discuss what Engineering Customer Satisfaction means for your firm!


Our Code of Ethics


Marketing has a bad reputation. We know. But we also know that this misinformation is a result of large marketing corporations use of inneffective marketing strategies that are largley generalized. That's why transparency is our 1st, of three core, values. We ensure our partners are comfortable and understand everything we do. (You'll also have access to everything) Unlike traditional marketing agencies, we provide detailed tracking and analytics that you have 100% access to.


At Cydak we strive to build every relationship with trust. Our clients seamless experience is a huge priority to us and aim to create long lasting partnerships with our clients. We strive to meet our clients needs by providing live calls, fast replies over email or text, and personalized assistance, all free of charge. You're a member of the Cydak Team - period.


Sustainability is something that we think is often missing from most marketing agencies. At Cydak we produce results that have the capacity to endure various domains in the digital realm. We do not promise fast, cheap, low-quality results for our clients. Instead, we ensure that our practices create long-term effects for your business by making your online platform an asset for growth, and sucess.

Meet The Founders

Emily Perkins


Homegrown in Guam with aspirations to be a civil engineer - Ms. Perkins is a civil engineering major at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina. She'll be happily serving the U.S. Navy while she currently, utilizes her close-knit network and gaining more insight into the industrial community, particularly engineers.

As part of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Emily plans to understand and illustrate to the community how industrial marketing can in fact be a practice of trustworthiness with limitless opportunities.

Juliann Carter


Juliann Carter began her journey in Falls Church, Virginia. Ms. Carter is a self-made first-generation college student, who brought herself through James Madison University as a Social Justice Studies major.

She has a burning passion for ethics and justice on institutional levels, which naturally pushed her to take on her entrepreneurial journey late junior year. With the help of Ms. Perkins - the two ladies have been at work since the start of 2020. Despite the circumstances, Juliann and Emily are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams to neutralize the disproportionate gap between young industrial entrepreneurs and larger established corporations.

Our Process

We are Result-Driven and Responsible. We are keen to meet all of our client's needs and exceed expectations by constantly improving tactics. Marketing campaigns are complex to say the least! That is where we come in. Our experts create customized plans that best fit your businesses goals!


We start by analyzing your current online platform in 5 major categories

Conversion Rate - SEO ranking - CRM analysis - Website design - Social media portfolio


We work with you to create a customized plan to best fit your business's needs


Once a plan is decided we optimize your online platform with result oriented methods


Together, we carefully analyze the success of our programs and methods


Monthly reports are given to summarize all information and calls answer all questions or concerns


Your audience is always changing so, customized plans are modified to lower expenses and show more results

For The Future

Our goal is to bridge to gap by supporting small engineering firms in the expansion of their digital asset to grow faster and make starting a firm more of a reality with the confidence of fulfillment and success.

If you are looking for a result-driven, transparent and honest marketing agency, we look forward to partnering with you! You can request a free 15 minute review of your current website and marketing strategies so we can make a customized plan for you.

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